Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coloring With Flowers

Our conversations in the Gan often focus on the beautiful array of colors.  Colors of nature surround us and inspire us.  The Two’s cluster explored the garden and focused on the colors of the plants.
We started the guided discovery experience by giving each child a color sample to hold.  They were told that we would walk through the garden looking for a plant that matched the color on their sample card.

The children had to walk slowly and carefully while they looked for a color match.  Self control and the ability to focus were skills required for this stage of the experience.


When each child found a match, they announced to the group that they had found their color. They took great pride in their accomplishment.

To extend the discovery, we gathered back in the Blue classroom, and looked at a collection of leaves, flowers, bean pods, and wood chips that had been collected in the Gan.  I asked the children if they had ever used a crayon to color on paper.  They demonstrated with their hands how they would move the crayon to put color onto the paper. 
I asked them if they thought the color from the plants would make color on the paper.  Some said “no” and some said “yes”.

I asked how we could find out.  The answer was “press it” on the paper.  We tried.  We got a smudge.
I asked again how they move a crayon and then a child tried moving a flower on the paper in the same way.
It worked!

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Silk Flowers said...

When I was a kid, I used to put flowers on my books because I saw in movies that pretty girls always do that. I remembered how shocked I was when the the pages got colored (more appropriately got stained) because of that